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EE Teachers

Find an EE Teacher near you, we're lucky enough to have them all around the world
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EET (Level I) = EE Teacher at foundation level     EET (Level II) = EE Teacher at intermediate level     EET (Level III) = EE Teacher at higher intermediate level     EET (Level IV) = EE Teacher at advanced level     EET (Sim) = EE Teacher at their denoted level with an Equisimulator     EETT = Enlightened Equitation Teacher Trainee

If you don't see an EE Teacher in your area, check those closest to you. Many of our Teachers will travel


Hello, I am sure you get messages like this all the time but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching with the world and teaching others to help people like me. I was lost on a bad path with my boy Coco and I happened to stumble across Laura Cyfka (EETT) who I'd like to say is my very own angel in my opinion! I fractured my skull on Coco in January and it knocked me and my confidence. Various BHS style teaching was taught to me and every lesson I would leave feeling so disheartened and disappointed and even crying because I had failed to achieve what they wanted. Then after my fall I had one lesson with a BHS instructor and was even more disheartened. Then Laura came and opened my eyes to EE and wow I've not looked back since.

— Leona

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