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Heather Moffett and Reno

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Leah cantering in a Heather Moffett Vogue saddle

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HM products

Private Equisimulator lessons with Heather Moffett, pioneer of teaching riding with horse movement simulators, at East Leigh Farm, South Devon. Assessment lesson includes a demonstration on a real horse by Heather or assistant Tallulah McIntosh. Go to our Equisimulator page for more details.

Dear Heather Moffett; The many emotions I've experienced this week, as well as my daily commitments haven't allowed me t answer the lovely posts individually. However, this one in particular is one where I'd like to highlight the friendship that goes back many years and the admiration I feel for Heather's work - Enlightened Equitation. I will never forget that a whole chapter of the book is dedicated to me. I am so pleased you moved heaven and earth to be with us at Golegã, and am just saddened that you had to be squashed while watching the show! Perhaps some other time?

~ Luis Valença Rodrigues

Enlightened Equitation: ethical, effective training for horse and rider

With Enlightened Equitation teaching we have no special jargon or analogies, and no "techniques" other than simple, straightforward how to's, why it works and why something doesn't work. This is all illustrated with clear demonstration and explanation. There are those that think our methods are too simple to work, however the many horses and riders, at all levels from beginner to Grand Prix dressage riders, with native ponies, cobs, ex-racehorses, warmbloods and iberians, that Heather and her EE teachers have helped, attest to the success of this kinder way to ride and train.

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