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Introduction to Classical Riding and Training

with Heather Moffett at East Leigh Farm, near Totnes, South Devon

Classical Equitation?? Enlightened Equitation!!

'Oh thats not for me, it's must be much too hard', but that is where you are wrong! True French Classical training is far more suited to get the best out of the average, less talented horse, provided that the rider is prepared to improve their seat and refine their aids. But even this, is not rocket science, when it is logically explained and clearly demonstrated!

For those with horses that are not mega expensive warmbloods that pop out of the womb 'on the bit' and with endless extension (although it works for those too!) French Classical training produces lightness and expression that standard German methods often do not. 

Heather Moffett trained for many years in the French school with Capt Desi Lorent,  and later with Portuguese Mestre Luis Valença Rodrigues, perhaps the greatest classical Master alive today. Heather believes in the motto "Simplicity is the key to understanding".

Heather will be joined by her ex-yard manager, also Level 4 Enlightened Equitation teacher, Kay Brown, to present horses being trained in this way.


10am - Introduction and dismounted workshop for all to join in.

11am - Ridden demonstration of the classical seat and aids, correct and incorrect!  Heather Moffett and her working student demonstrating.

12 - Demonstration with novice level horse.

1pm - Lunch

2pm - Demonstration of rehab horse, Warmblood mare, by Kay Brown and how we use the classical exercises to rebuild and rehabilitate.

3pm - Volunteer rider,  lesson on our Lusitano schoolmaster Sedutor, now 20, but still a great teacher! 

4pm - Question and answer session to finish.

£50 per person, tea and coffee/biscuits provided, bring your own lunch.

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