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EE Teachers

Find an EE Teacher near you, we're lucky enough to have them all around the world
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EET (Level I) = EE Teacher at foundation level     EET (Level II) = EE Teacher at intermediate level     EET (Level III) = EE Teacher at higher intermediate level     EET (Level IV) = EE Teacher at advanced level     EET (Sim) = EE Teacher at their denoted level with an Equisimulator     EETT = Enlightened Equitation Teacher Trainee

If you don't see an EE Teacher in your area, check those closest to you. Many of our Teachers will travel

Zara Glennon Cully EET (Level II)

Wicklow, Ireland 

Former working pupil of Heather Moffett's at East Leigh Farm. Also takes horses in for training. 

Tel: +353852368459


Lesley Harvey EET (Level I), BHSAI and EFI Level 1 Coach

Richhill, Co Armagh 

Beginners and those wanting to learn a horse-friendly style of horsemanship and riding, up to entry level competition. Own horse or schoolmasters, your place or mine. 

Also EAGALA Certified and Dip Life Coaching, so can offer horse related activities for Personal Development and fun!


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