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EE Teachers

Find an EE Teacher near you, we're lucky enough to have them all around the world
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EET (Level I) = EE Teacher at foundation level     EET (Level II) = EE Teacher at intermediate level     EET (Level III) = EE Teacher at higher intermediate level     EET (Level IV) = EE Teacher at advanced level     EET (Sim) = EE Teacher at their denoted level with an Equisimulator     EETT = Enlightened Equitation Teacher Trainee

If you don't see an EE Teacher in your area, check those closest to you. Many of our Teachers will travel

Jill Hick EET (Level III)

Monty Roberts Certificate Holder

Based in Kent

Takes horses for schooling & backing, also teaches groundwork, confidence building for riders & short courses. 

Tel: 07789 963891 


Tessa Horan EET (Level II)

Certified Monty Roberts Instructor

Former working pupil for Heather Moffett, 
Based in Surrey. Also covers parts of London, West Sussex & regularly travels to the USA.

Groundwork, backing horses and remedial equine behaviour in conjunction with classical schooling & rider coaching. Courses, clinics & demos available. Weekends and holidays only at the moment.

Tel: 07725 817659 


Vicky Coventry EET (Level II)

Reiki L2, Cert Ed

Freelance instruction based around Waterlooville, Hampshire. 

Using flatwork/dressage to enhance the relationship between horse and rider and improve the way of going without force or gadgets. Clinics and yard visits also tailored to offer ridden sessions, combined with confidence building/mindset and or reiki. 

Facebook: VC Equestrian - EE Riding Instruction
Tel: 07828 395527


June Simmonds EET (Level II) (Sim), BHSAI

Based in Hampshire

Tel: 01425 654744 


Kathy Turner EET (Level II)

Based Bracknell but happy to travel.


Ridden (client's own horse) and simulator lessons available. Beginner, novice or experienced. Children and adults.

Tel: 07789955169 


Lee Clatworthy EET (Level II), BHSAI, MMCP, Reiki Practitioner II

Teaching all ages and abilities on own horse. Happy to ride and school, give lunge lessons if the horse is suitable and teach in-hand work. Willing to travel.

Certified Practitioner in the Masterson Method school of Equine Bodywork as well as a Reiki Practitioner. 

Tel: 07890 213704 




Paige Hazell EET (Level II)

HM Saddle Fitter

Covering Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey. 

Regular trips to Derby/Nottingham and surrounding areas. Paige is an ex working pupil to Heather Moffett, happy to work with a range of horses and riders. Training long reining, in-hand and positive reinforcement. 

Facebook: PH Equestrian - EET2

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