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Enlightened Equitation Courses


Equisimulator Courses

These workshops aim to clarify and demystify the techniques of riding, through simple, but very detailed explanations and visual demonstrations, coupled with unique 'hands on' work to ensure that each student really is given the correct feel of how to synchronise with the horse.


Directions to East Leigh Farm, list of recommended local accommodation and also Google map, and links to rail, coach and flight operators.


Bring Your Own Horse Courses

Heather offers 3 and 5 day courses where you bring your own horse to East Leigh Farm, Heather’s yard in South Devon. You will have one lesson daily with Heather, on your own horse, plus work on the Equisimulators, and in hand training with your own horse. 


EE Certified Teacher Training

The aim is to produce teachers who are capable of instilling correct riding into the student, through simple, logical explanation and clear demonstration. Candidates for teacher training need not already be riding instructors, but must have a genuine desire and enthusiasm to impart knowledge in a friendly way, making learning an enjoyable experience for the pupil.

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