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  • Course enquiries

    Call Debbie on 0787 720 2950 or email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com for enquiries or booking.

    Please note that courses are held at East Leigh Farm, Totnes, unless specified otherwise.

  • Saddle enquiries

    Please contact us on info@hmsaddles.co.uk for pre-sales support regarding fitting.

    For orders, please call us on 0787 720 2950 or email shop@hmsaddles.co.uk

  • Advertising/sponsorship

    If you would like to advertise on the EE website and/or forums, or would like to offer Enlightened Equitation sponsorship, please contact Heather Moffett on heather@enlightenedequitation.com.

    Current EE sponsors include White Horse Bedding and High Barn Oils.

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Please click on one of the links in the menu to find an EE Teacher in your area.

Teachers who are available on the border of two areas, or who travel to teach may be listed more than once. Please note none of the email addresses are hyperlinked.

EERT = Enlightened Equitation Rider Trainer
EEHT = Enlightened Equitation Horse Trainer
AEERT = Assistant Enlightened Equitation Rider Trainer
AEEHT = Assistant Enlightened Equitation Horse Trainer
EET = Enlightened Equitation Teacher (number denotes level)
EETT = Enlightened Equitation Teacher Trainee