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EE Level II teacher training

Level two requires that the teacher can teach and ride, in addition, on horses that already know the movements, with the exception of simple leg yield, which it is expected that the teacher can cope with teaching to horses and riders who do not know it:


  • Teaching Leg yield to horse and rider with no experience of the movement

  • Shoulder in

  • Teaching the rider the relaxation of the horse’s jaw and achieving an outline.

  • Improving the paces through use of transitions and to lighten forehand.

  • Teaching the rider how to maintain relaxation of the jaw/roundness through transitions

  • Use of rein back to take the weight back

  • Slowing the walk and trot to improve collection but not through loss of impulsion

  • Recognising the many rider faults that creep in when learning lateral work. Asymmetry and crookedness being especially common. Being able to offer corrections instantly or even a split second before being needed as the teacher sees something about to go wrong!

  • Lengthened strides in trot and canter

  • Turn on the haunches

  • Recognising the horses need to stretch forwards and down after working more ‘up’and allowing this.

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