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The new Enlightened Equitation FlexEE Finesse saddle is a high quality synthetic saddle at an amazing price! Designed by well known Classical Seat trainer, Heather Moffett, the FlexEE saddle is built on a leather ‘tree’, a very old method of making a flexible saddle. The saddle, as with all Enlightened Equitation saddles, past and present, is ergonomically designed to allow the rider, even a total beginner, to sit in the correct ear/shoulder/hip/heel alignment with ease. The stirrup bars are set back on the dressage model to enable a very deep thigh position, and the velcroed knee rolls that Heather has designed for this saddle, really assist with the deeper knee position. The Velcro on the sweat flap of the GP saddle reaches far enough to permit the dressage knee rolls to be placed well back, in order to enable the dressage/flatwork seat with ease, ensuring that the saddle truly is ‘General Purpose’. The bars are one inch further forwards on the GP to allow for shorter stirrups for jumping

FlexEE leather tree

The saddles come in three models, dressage (pictured below), VSD  and GP, and currently in 4 sizes, 15/16/17 and 18”. The saddle has a cut back head and flexible front arch, and now features an interchangeable gullet plate as in many treed saddles. This enables the width to be set to that of the horse, but it can also be left out, for those who wish to have a fully leather treed saddle, or for instance, for an exceptionally wide, flat horse. This gives much greater versatility, as it allows the saddle to be set to the width, for instance of a young horse just being backed, the saddle will not take time to settle as will a leather tree without the plate, needing to  stretch to the current width of the horse.

FlexEE Finesse Dressage Saddle

The flocked pure wool serge French panels have been designed to provide an excellent bearing surface for the horse and are softly flocked. The gullet is not as wide as on many saddles nowadays. Having the gullet too wide, causes lateral instability, but the muscle is strongest at the point of attachment to the spinal processes, and the further apart the gullet, the weaker the muscle where the edges of the panels rest.

FlexEE underside

Considerable attention has been paid to the comfort of the rider too. The seat seams are far enough apart to allow the wider splay of the female seatbones to rest on the padding, and not end up on the hard slope of the tree, as happens with many saddles, when trying to sit in the deepest, most central part of the saddle! The seat is EVA cushion giving a very comfortable ride.

FlexEE Finesse VSD Saddle

The design of the dressage flap has the elegant lines of the EE Vogue SoftTree saddle, making a truly stylish saddle at a very affordable price. The cantle has a lacquered brass cantle plate with the HM Saddles logo, and the lacquered brass head nails, also with the logo, adding a smart finishing touch.  The GP flap is cut sufficiently wide at the back, in order to accommodate the thigh in the flatwork position. Many GP saddles do not take this into account, and the wider thigh especially, will overlap the back of the flap. The saddles are available in black or Havana. The Finesse synthetic material is almost indistinguishable from real soft hide.

It is very easy to fit these saddles, even by the owner in conjunction with our helpline and customer care, through photographs and wither pattern, and we do have agents covering many parts of the UK, if a visit is preferred to advise on optimum use of the saddles.

FlexEE Finesse General Purpose Saddle

For pricing and options, please see the HM Saddles FlexEE page.