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Equisimulator information


The Equisimulator is a mechanical machine which simulates the movement of the horse in all three paces. Being mechanical, rather than electronic, it is ‘rider powered’ meaning that the rider operates it through correct synchronisation of their own movement with that of the machine.

This is especially useful to illustrate to the student, just how much their movement in the saddle, affects the real horse, if it also affects the movement of the machine. In these days of ‘social license’ where the horse world and especially, the riding of horses has come under scrutiny, and frankly, not before time, it has never been more important if we wish to continue to ride horses, that attention to the correct seat and refined aids is paramount, and is greatly assisted by the use of simulators, if the teaching itself is also correct.

So many teaching with simulators of other makes, are still not addressing the real issue, that of the rider not being taught the precise movements of lower back and pelvis, in order to move as one with the horse, thereby enabling him to move with as little impediment as possible. So we also offer training with the Equisimulator in order to gain optimal use.

It is possible to teach correct sync with the movement in all paces, and also even to give advanced students the idea of the aids for piaffe and passage and flying changes.

The Equisimulator is made by one the Father and partner of one of our Enlightened Equitation teachers and equine osteopath, in the Netherlands, Fiona Meilink, so feel free to contact Fiona if intending to purchase, and also Heather Moffett for further information on simulator coach training.

Contact Fiona Meilink on:
Tel +31 6 50454951


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