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EE 2 Day Riding Foundation Courses

with Heather Moffett at East Leigh Farm, near Totnes, South Devon

We can now offer these 2 day courses, including tuition on Heather's Equisimulators and 3 hours' riding, with instruction from Heather Moffett, on Fitzworthy EC schoolmasters over the 2 days.

£375 pp, max 4 students per course. Accommodation is not included but there are excellent, reasonably priced bed and breakfasts nearby.

We will need video of you riding sent to Heather, at, to evaluate before the course as it saves so much time in assessment. Please include walk, trot, rising and sitting, and canter. If doing any lateral work etc. do include some. We also need to know your height and weight, whether you are a nervous or confident rider, and whether you can cope with big movement, or need a smaller moving horse.

Dates are arranged individually to suit, so in the first instance please contact Heather on or text/call 0791 9358 244. Places can be confirmed by completing the EE 2 Day Riding Foundation Course booking form.

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