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    Call Debbie on 0787 720 2950 or email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com for enquiries or booking.

    Please note that courses are held at East Leigh Farm, Totnes, unless specified otherwise.

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    Please contact Heather on customercare@enlightenedequitation.com for pre-sales support regarding fitting.

    For orders, please call Debbie on 0787 720 2950 or email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com.

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    If you would like to advertise on the EE website and/or forums, or would like to offer Enlightened Equitation sponsorship, please contact Heather Moffett on heather@enlightenedequitation.com.

    Current EE sponsors include White Horse Bedding and High Barn Oils.

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EE Workshops 2017

1 Day Simulator/Dismounted Workshops

Saturday June 24th
Saturday July 15th
Saturday August 5th
Saturday September 9th
£125 per person, including lunch. Max 6 participants.
We can add on an extra day on the Friday to watch us ride and train the horses as an informal demonstration day, for an extra £25, not including lunch.

Dismounted Workshop

Saturday July 22nd. £75 (bring your own lunch). 12 participants max. Please email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com to book your place.

Lesson clinic days (own horse or simulator)

Lesson clinics with your own horse or private simulator lessons. £60 per lesson, or £30 shared private. Minimum one private lesson per day for the course to run. Please email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com to arrange dates, or book your place on any of the courses above.

"Boost Your Confidence" Course

3 day course for riders with confidence issues.

Both the above courses will, at this stage, be about the theory of riding, in hand work and dismounted practise, plus work on the 3 equisimulators each of the 3 days, and also demonstrations by Heather and staff. A full 3 days promised for both courses! £350 including lunch but not accommodation. Please email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com to book your place.

Long Reining Workshops

With Kay Brown, EET Level 4 and Heather's yard manager. Maximum two people per course, £250 per person. Luxury bed and breakfast available on site with special rates for our students. Bring your own horse, and we also have schoolmasters available for in hand and long reining. Please email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com for available dates and to book your place.

"Bring Your Own Horse" Courses

Please email heather@enlightenedequitation.com or text/call 0791 9358 244 for further info/dates.

EE Teacher Training Courses 2017
EETT Level I, new intake, Module 1 of 2


EETT Level I, Module 2 of 2


1 Day Simulator Course booking form (Word format)

2 Day Simulator Course booking form (Word format)

3 Day "Bring Your Own Horse" Course booking form (Word format)

5 Day "Bring Your Own Horse" Course booking form (Word format)

3 Day "Back to Basics" Course booking form (Word format)

3 Day "Boost Your Confidence" Course booking form (Word format)

EE Teacher Training booking form (Word format)

EE Lessons in Lightness

'Why French Classical training? What is the difference between French and German systems'? This is not a 'hi-falutin' lecture demo, but one where we show how the French system is the best for the less naturally talented horse to bring out the best in him/her! We are so used to seeing very well bred sport horses winning in competition, but without realising that so many horses can improve and train to even high level movements, if they are worked in a way that enables them to!

Comments from Equismulator workshops:
"Great day with Heather Moffett, courtesy of Deborah At Heynes Equestrian, for taking us and letting us know about the EE simulator day ... a lot learnt and now to put it all into motion! Thank you all for making it a great informative day"
"Loved every minute of today and learnt so much, thank you so much Heather"
"Thank you so much Heather, learnt so much."
"Fantastic day. Many thanks, Heather Moffett I learnt so much! I'm walking taller and straighter this morning. Can't wait to get back on my mare."

All events here at East Leigh Farm, Harberton, Totnes, Devon, TQ9 7SS.
Please contact Debbie on debbie@enlightenedequitation.com to book.