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    Please note that courses are held at East Leigh Farm, Totnes, unless specified otherwise.

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    For orders, please call Debbie on 0787 720 2950 or email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com.

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Please click on one of the links in the menu to find an EE Teacher in your area.

Teachers who are available on the border of two areas, or who travel to teach may be listed more than once. Please note none of the email addresses are hyperlinked.

EERT = Enlightened Equitation Rider Trainer
EEHT = Enlightened Equitation Horse Trainer
AEERT = Assistant Enlightened Equitation Rider Trainer
AEEHT = Assistant Enlightened Equitation Horse Trainer
EET = Enlightened Equitation Teacher (number denotes level)
EETT = Enlightened Equitation Teacher Trainee

"Well I can finally report back from my first EE lesson after 20 years of trying to learn from Heather's books and online stuff (I go back to 1996 and the New Rider days). It was a revelation and Stuart Pyper made me cry! It just worked and all I could say was 'my poor b***** confused, long suffering horse'. The relief that I could feel from her underneath me was incredible! Why did I waste 20 years just muddling along? If anyone is thinking about it but hasn't quite got there - just book the lesson! Even one lesson will be enough for it all to click and fall into place."
Leanne Kaut

I am sure you get messages like this all the time but I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and teaching with the world and teaching others to help people like me. I was lost on a bad path with my boy Coco and I happened to stumble across Laura Cyfka (EETT) who I'd like to say is my very own angel in my opinion! I fractured my skull on Coco in January and it knocked me and my confidence. Various BHS style teaching was taught to me and every lesson I would leave feeling so disheartened and disappointed and even crying because I had failed to achieve what they wanted. Then after my fall I had one lesson with a BHS instructor and was even more disheartened. Then Laura came and opened my eyes to EE and wow I've not looked back since. It"s an amazing feeling to feel at one with my boy and know that we are working together in harmony and not battling each other. Coco is thoroughly enjoying this new kind way of learning and so am I! I would never of dreamt of taking my gypsy x welsh cob to dressage but now I feel the sky is the limit. So honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your methods with us and for showing me such an amazing way of riding. Laura is the perfect person for me as she is just such a relaxing calming happy person! I hope that one day I may be able to meet you the lady that opened my eyes to a new lease on life with my boy. You are such an inspiration.
I'm forever grateful."

"Had a fantastic lesson with Sue Harwood (EETT) tonight I have got more out of two lessons with her than in twenty five years worth of riding."
Kathleen Webb

"I have to say that after having a fab equisimulator lesson I wanted to thank Yvonne Brookes for the lesson and Heather for passing her knowledge onto her instructors. It was so refreshing to have lesson that emphasised how to ride in harmony with your horse and maintain the horses wellbeing rather than the pull on the reins, drive with your seat, kick to go pull to stop type of riding that i have been tought in the past. So again thankyou heather for promoting such a clear and logical way of riding and if he could I'm sure my horse would thank you as his dad is finally learning how to ride correctly."
David Middleton