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    Call Debbie on 0787 720 2950 or email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com for enquiries or booking.

    Please note that courses are held at East Leigh Farm, Totnes, unless specified otherwise.

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    Please contact Heather on customercare@enlightenedequitation.com for pre-sales support regarding fitting.

    For orders, please call Debbie on 0787 720 2950 or email debbie@enlightenedequitation.com.

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    If you would like to advertise on the EE website and/or forums, or would like to offer Enlightened Equitation sponsorship, please contact Heather Moffett on heather@enlightenedequitation.com.

    Current EE sponsors include White Horse Bedding and High Barn Oils.

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Heather Moffett has put her trust in a new company in India, Horsekraft Equestrian. Young owner, Rishahb Sharma, contacted Heather 6 years ago, via the BETA association in the UK, hoping that she might have a position for him in her company. This was not possible but they stayed in touch throughout the following four years. Rish had in the meantime, started his own company manufacturing high quality bridles. He sent some samples to Heather who was astonished at the quality and workmanship, the bridles being made in world renowned Sedgewicks English leather by Rish’s craftsmen in Kanpur.

FlexEE Dressage

Heather had been hoping to find a manufacturer she could trust, who could produce a quality saddle at an affordable price, and having got to know Rish over the preceding four years, felt that she had faith in his integrity, ethics and also his desire to produce goods that India could be proud of. So working with each other via Skype (thank goodness for such technology!), often several hours a day for the last 2 years, the saddles have come to fruition and represent amazing value for money.