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By von10 (Amazon username)
At last a book that explains how to do it, where and when. Written by the author for riders of all abilities, this clearly explains in understandable terms how to correct those frequent faults that bug us. Aided by plenty of pictures showing the everyday rider warts and all - what a great feature this is. So many books show you nothing but perfection, it is a refreshing change to see someone who had issues working through and getting it right. It runs in logical steps to help you progress your riding steadily, or correct any faults you have. Maybe riding isn't just for those 'talented few', the Holy Grail could be in reach of us all if it is this simple!!!

By Katrina O. Connor (Alsace, France)
The original soft back edition of Enlightened Equitation has been my mainstay for many years. I am now the proud owner of the new, revised edition, and have been completely blown away by the level of detail which Heather Moffett has provided.
One of the many things I like about the book, are the sequences of photos, showing the footfalls of the horse, and rider positioning throughout each movement. Another thing which is excellent, is that the photos are of every day riders, and they are of the "warts and all" variety. Having used every day riders for illustration makes Enlightened Equitation much more immediate, and I feel that I can relate more closely to these riders than I can to professionals who are often shown only in perfection. Heather's conversational style of writing is easy to read and to digest; with clear explanations, often accompanied by the sequenced photos for a visual demonstration. It makes one feel, that perhaps lateral work is not only for the upper echelons of dressage, and not restricted to those people who can afford high bred warmbloods, but can be attempted, and mastered, by every day riders with hairy coblets. I know that I, and my not-so-ploddy cob, appreciate Heather, and the riders featured, very much indeed.

By cloigyn (Amazon username) - Should be every horserider's bedtime reading!
Brilliantly clear and sensible explanations as to HOW to do it. No force involved, just understanding of how the horse moves and works with their rider. Dressage "jargon" is explained and clarified. Photos help show how to, and how not to. A must for every horse-lover across the world.

By Ros Stephens
I had been involved with horses for some 40 years when I first opened the original version of this book, and for me that was the moment when the lights came on and I realised exactly why all those lessons, books, lectures, and streams of advice from a variety of "experts" since my early childhood had left me so disillusioned by my dreadful riding! Suddenly I understood what I should be doing with my hands; suddenly I knew that I could learn "feel" despite not having been born with it; suddenly I realised just why, when left to my own devices rather than attempting to do what my instructors were telling me to do, my horses appeared to go better for me! So when the revised version appeared I just had to have it, and when I opened it I couldn't put it down and missed an entire episode of Spartacus, Blood and Sand - which I think will indicate to a lot of ladies, at least, how good it actually is! Lots of new pictures illustrating what it looks like when things go wrong, explanations of why they go wrong and advice on how to correct them ; lots of interesting new insights; the debunking of the technical jargon used so freely by those who profess to understand it but somehow can't actually explain it to us mere mortals... This is a tool for improvement for every rider at every level, as well as being a truly Enlightening read! This is a book i will refer to again and again.

By Ms. D. Spencer
Enlightened and loving it, I have the first book written by Heather and it is a firm favourite i always go back to it and now i have a new favourite in this beautiful edition. Wonderful photographs and easy to understand text this is great.

By Mrs. J. Lewis (England) - Even better than the first one
I love the original version of this book. Heather, who has in the intervening years invested heavily in furthering her own training and experience, has brought to us an even better up-dated version. Beautiful pictures and clear descriptions for anyone interested in making the world a better place for horses. Heather clearly explains 'how' to ride in harmony with your horse and 'how' and 'why' the aids she teaches work. This is one of the best books available on riding and is suitable for all levels. Thanks Heather. Highly Recommended.

By JanetB (Amazon username) - Even better than the first book!
Fantastic new version of a great book. Worth buying for the many new how to / not to pictures and captions alone! A great way to learn, very clear easy to understand explanations. A wonderful book, thank you.

By CS (Amazon username) - If you only buy one 'riding' book ...
.... it should most definitely be this one. It is beautifully written and beautifully illustrated with photographs of everyday riders riding everyday horses - and showing how with correct riding they can become extraordinary horses. The explanations of the various paces and movements are clear and logical, making it straightforward to understand and to put into practice the correct way to ride your horse so that it becomes easy for him to move as you ask, whether it is something as basic as halt to walk, or the more advanced lateral movements.

By Kimberley Brown, Edelmann, USA
I love this well written, easy to read equestrian book! It helped me learn how to achieve an effective and friendly way to ride my horses.

By Sally-Ann Morrison
Essential reading!

By Emma Simmons
My copy of Enlightened Equitation arrived today and I'm finding it very hard to put it down! Fantastic explanations, descriptions and photos. I am so excited to have this information at my fingertips - just need to start to put it into practise now. Thank you Heather for this wonderful piece of work and thank you from my horses too - they're a little closer to having the rider who deserves them.

By Lynne P. Woods
Recently received the EE Book. I am a disabled (MS) beginner rider, doing therapeutic horseback riding twice a week. My goal is to gain competence as a rider, while always riding, as you say, in an ethical way. Thank you for all the hard work you put into writing this book. By Carmen Deville, Israel I bought at full price and think its worth every penny!! So does my horse. My library is full of classical works (over 50 books) and THIS one has had the biggest impact on my riding. Thank you Heather for writing and publishing