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Buy the book here!

Revolutionise your riding!! The revised and updated version of Heather Moffett's best selling book, Enlightened Equitation, now with nearly 500 all new photographs. Heather Moffett is known for her unique, simple and logical approach to the teaching of riding. This book is the culmination of over 40 years experience training and coaching all levels of riders.

Heather has been an invited lecturer and demonstrator at venues including Equitana Germany and Kentucky, Sydney Olympic Centre, Australia, The Horse Event, Holland, Your Horse Live, UK and many other venues around the world. She pioneered the teaching of riding with horse movement simulators, and now with over 15 years experience has taught thousands of riders to achieve their aims of a correct, elegant and effective classical seat.

Heather Moffett also seeks to educate the rider to realise just how poor riding affects the horse's ability to perform, often preventing him from carrying out the rider's wishes, for which he is then punished. The book carries an important message of the absolute necessity to learn to ride WITH not AGAINST your horse, if a true partnership is to be forged.



The revised edition of Enlightened Equitation is unique in the way that photographs have been used, often in sequence, to show riding problems, and how Heather Moffett corrects them, thereby illustrating the text in a very visual way, enhancing understanding for the reader.

In the chapter on lateral work alone, there are nearly 100 photographs. More and more riders wish to progress to higher levels of dressage, but are often stumped by lack of clear instruction needed to correct the frequent problems experienced. Enlightened Equitation shows the rider all of the problems, but also, how to correct them.

This book is eminently suited to all riders, even beginners, or novices wishing to improve their seat and refine their aids, yet equally suited to experienced riders with long established faults, or simply wishing to progress to higher levels of dressage training.

Covering everything from the Classical position, how to synchronise the rider's movement precisely with that of the horse, learn refinement of the aids - aids which work with the biomechanics of the horse, but are simple to understand and apply; learning 'feel', that mystical quality that is often thought to be the prerogative of only those with exceptional talent; understanding schooling terms, and much more, this book will demystify riding in an easy to read, conversational, and often humorous style.

The foreword is by ex British Horse Society chairman, Patrick Print OBE FBHS.