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Author Topic: Sunday lesson slot avail for someone on the M4/M5 corridor between Berks & Devon  (Read 989 times)

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Aylmore Classical Dressage

It doesn’t happen often so get it quick before it’s gone! A rare lesson slot has become available on Mike’s weekly trip “up country” on a Sunday evening. Up to 2 lessons are available at the same yard location for a lucky person (or persons!) based somewhere on the M4 or M5 corridor between Pangbourne, Berkshire and Ashburton, South Devon (Mike’s drive home!). Classical Dressage trainer Mike Aylmore, who originally trained with Enlightened Equitation’s Heather Moffett and is a certified EET level 3, has a keen interest in horse/rider biomechanics and is passionate about teaching effective riding and a kinder way to ride and train. Mike works with riders of all ages and abilities with horses of all breeds, sizes and levels! Whether you’re looking for a lesson for yourself or schooling for your horse, Mike can help you with groundwork, Classical in hand or ridden work from basic schooling to higher level Dressage training.

The slot on offer here is a regular weekly lesson at a fixed evening time to anyone who may be interested and is available at £40 for a 45 min up to 1hr session. The price also already includes travel and is the same whether Mike is teaching or schooling himself or indeed any combination. If you fancy a no obligation first lesson to see if this might suit you then please get in touch!

For further info please visit out Facebook page: Aylmore Classical Dressage, our website: or contact us direct at
Mike Aylmore

EEHT & EET (level 3) covering Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire & Berkshire!