"Just a little story for anyone not sure about spending out some cash on training...... I was thinking about going to Devon to do the simulator course for about a year. A space came up, I live in Bath, so I contacted Jennie Jordan who was brilliant, she gave me information re B&B and even offered to pick me up from the railway station. The training was fantastic just to have someone right there, moving your legs, and arms and adjusting your seat,so you can 'feel' the correct way of sitting is vital. I learnt to trot, lifting my seat bones and canter using my pelvis and core muscles. I came back found a second hand VSD Flexee saddle. Started lessons with Jennie Jordan who advised me to have a Physio out to Hugo. Wendy came out and found Hugo to be very tight in the back....Well actually no movement, she gave him a treatment and his whole personality has changed for the better and he can move his back when he is ridden. I am now riding a happy Warmblood in a beautiful saddle and learning how to ride correctly. I am 58 and been riding since I was 8. It has cost me approximately £800 and let me tell you it has been worth every single penny."
Amanda Lindsey